Experienced Brokers Receive Advanced Support

We believe in leveraging technology as part of our business skills.  When your messaging adds client advocacy, your extreme job satisfaction and your clearly hard-earned insight, you leverage both technology and a human algorithm. Click above to learn more.

We love what we do, and it comes across in all that we do. It looks like professionalism, it feels like joy. Click above.

Year after year the office is made up of many of the region's most successful professional brokers. Why do they work together here? Click above.

When People See Your Logos AND Windermere Logos They Think Of You! Advanced Branding sets your brand apart from other brokers. Click above for more.

Your Business Support Staff

Your clients want YOUR PERSONAL EXPERTISE. Clients also like to see that you have support backing you. Built-in team for just you, or support for your whole team. Really? Yes! Ask Ron about staff support for your business.

What Are Your Beliefs About Business?

Now it is time to talk with someone who will listen to you and discuss your business move. Leadership contacts for experienced brokers considering moving their business to Windermere Realty Trust, located at Lloyd Tower, Portland Oregon, are Jennifer Watson, Assistant Managing Principal Broker - (503) 954-4790 or Ron Howard, Managing Principal Broker - (503) 413-9901 jenniferwatson@windermere.com