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An industry leader who also enjoyed real success as a broker

“Ron helped us buy a cabin several years ago. He went above and beyond researching the area and commuting the distance to help us find the perfect 2nd home. We couldn't be happier with our purchase and would work with Ron again in a heartbeat. Ron is a true professional.”

— Dana Domenigoni

“I referred very special clients to Ron recently. An executive relocation in a very low inventory, highly competitive market. Ron successfully assisted my clients in finding a great home and created a successful move for a great family.” Ron is my "go to guy" in Portland. I have no reservation in his quality and high level of service!”

— Scott Cannon

“Ron took our listing in Happy Valley, Oregon early this year (2015). Our family had relocated to Southern California 3 years earlier and the property was rented out during that time. It was more than just a straight forward listing.....Ron and his crew brought the property back to its original condition by hiring the lawns keeper, touching up paint, arranging maintenance on appliances, furnace as well as hiring cleaners for the interior and exterior of the home. The only trip we made back to Oregon was to do a walk through with the former tenants everything else was handled by Ron. He truly went above and beyond the call of duty which in the end had our home selling quickly at full price! Paul and I are fortunate to have had Ron, everything he said and did happened as explained to us and in the time line given. Ron Howard's experience and level of professionalism made the process seamless for us and living out of state was something that we appreciated more than he will know. Thank you Ron.”

— Paul & Kelly Primerano

“I am happy to recommend Ron Howard. Ron is kind, thoughtful, smart and organized. Ron is a professional throughout the buying and selling of my homes. He sold our home in 5 weeks in a tough market. He helped us buy our next home that was not on the market for sale, but for rent. We were able to rent then buy a specific home. Ron was smart. He protected us through this process. Ron found us a buyer for our home then we closed on the new home in 5 weeks. Ron made this happen. No other agent could have completed this very difficult selling and buying situation. This process was handled professionally and quickly. This was an easy process due to Ron's consistent hard work for us. I recommend Ron Howard with my heart and soul. You all will be lucky to work with Ron. My Very Best Wishes as you begin this journey with Ron Howard!”

— Holly Oberg

“You could not be in better hands than with Ron and Jill. I have known them both for over 15 years and can vouch for their commitment to their buyers and sellers. They are both very patient and detail oriented in their work. They are both extremely knowledgeable in the home selling and buying process.”

— Darren Hall

“I have worked with Ron for several years, he has never-and I mean never failed to exceed my expectations. He is thorough, and very knowledgeable. I am always impressed with how he balances the needs and desires of different parties with somehow each party being completely satisfied with the results, in the end. A trait I admire of Ron's is his ability to see the positive side of things, with him the glass is not just half full, but full!”

— Denise Bower

“Ron Howard is a true professional. His experience and understanding of what is needed to get top dollar is exceptional. His marketing plan was well thought out and executed. Completely satisfied with his service.”

— Wayne and Amy Kimmet

Ron Howard

Managing Principal Broker

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